Dec 07 2008

Sunday morning reading

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It’s been a busy week.  Productive, but busy.  And next week’s only going to be worse, with me traveling cross country, up into Canada and back.  After that I have a couple of weeks at home, but it’s still the busiest I’ve been in a while.  So busy I even have to let Rich do the podcast with a special guest co-host this week!  I’m a little annoyed and jealous since the guest is a good friend of ours and someone I’d like to have a chance to question and harass myself.  Am I going to tell you who it is?  Nope, I’ll let that be a surprise, unless Rich decides to let the cat out of the bag. 

Sunday morning Reading:

  • FBI:  Criminals auto-dialing with hacked VoIP Systems:  This doesn’t sound like a huge problem if folks are properly protecting their Asterisk installations, but how many un-protected installations are there out there?
  • OpenWRT on an Asus WL-500g Premieum:  I had to give up on this for now due to time and energy constraints, but I’m going to circle around with the WRT54G I freed up in the process.
  • Cloud computing and PCI compliance:  I’m not sure if I want to listen to this podcast to learn from Michael Dahn or so I can argue with him next time we talk.  Nor am I sure there’s much of a difference between the two.
  • Gmail Backup:  Nearly 2 gigs of email is going to take me a long time to download at 10 KB/s.  But I haven’t backed up my email in … well, ever. 
  • Online shops stave off cybercrooks:  We’re more secure thanks to PCI, a Gartner analyst says so.  And we know exactly what the opinions of Gartner analysts are worth, don’t we?
  • Google’s Chrome team mulls local file restrictions:  I still haven’t played with Chrome much but it appears they’re taking some serious steps to secure our surfing experience

On a more personal note, Chris Hoff is trying to get me to invest some time and money in checking out the P90X system.  This is not a chip with a floating point error from a couple of decades ago, it’s a exercise and diet system that’s pretty hot at the moment.  There are almost a dozen other security professionals that are using this system and I’m giving serious consideration to joining that number.  I need something like this that can be done with weights while I’m at home and using exercise bands while I’m on the road.  Add ripping the DVD’s to my iPod or Macbook and there’s a lot to recommend it.  I’m trying to maintain through the holiday season the lose 20 lbs between January 1st and April 20th, the first day of the RSA Conference.  I want to look good for all the photo ops and whatever Chris has cooked up.  Something to do with sumo suits, and I’ve been told there’s a special ‘surprise’ for me.

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  1. Matt Hiteon 07 Dec 2008 at 9:42 am

    Hi, Martin,

    I’ve had success with Tomato on my Asus WL-500g Premium — check out:

    Real slick interface and no hassles.

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