Dec 10 2008

Network Security Podcast, Episode 131

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Any idea what it’s like to have to listen to your own podcast to find out what your fate will be?  Neither do I, but I will later today when I listen to Rich have a special guest in the form of Chris Hoff.  I’m on a multi-city trip until very late Thursday night so rather than try to record a show early, Rich asked Chris to co-host and I’m left hoping I have a a podcast to come back to when it’s all said and done.

Chris has been threatening me with a sumo suit and an undisclosed opponent at the RSA convention in San Francisco next year.  Rich is already slated to be the referee for a bout Chris is having with someone who disagrees with him on cloud security, I’m being added as an undercard because I’m one of the people who’s more than willing to harass him back on Twitter.  I don’t know what Chris has planned, but it can’t be good.  We’ll be doing this to raise funds for Johnny Long’s I Hack Charities organization, so it’ll all be in good fun.  But I’m still a littel nervous about what might be in the works.  I just hope I learn a little about it from the podcast.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 131, December 9, 2008

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