Dec 19 2008

Secretary Chertoff’s Resume

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is going to be looking for a new job soon and he’s brushing up his resume in preparation, sort of.  He’s released a video showing what he’s done as the head of the DHS and what he’s handing off to his successor.  It’s an interesting watch and gives you a little insight into what he sees as important.  Secretary Chertoff has shown that he has a deeper understanding of the 21st century, blogging and social media than most members of the Bush regime by repeatedly reaching out to bloggers and using the tools of Web 2.0 to communicate with the public.  This video is a perfect example of how someone in the blogosphere would go about creating their own resume.

I don’t agree with everything that the DHS does, I sincerely doubt there’s anyone who does, even Chertoff himself.  But they’ve been given an extremely tough mandate and what I do believe is that he’s done the best job he could.  As Janet Napolitano steps in to take over for Secretary Chertoff, it will be extremely interesting to see how the focus shifts and what aspects of national security come to the foreground.  There have already been indications that she’ll concentrate more on imigration issues since that’s her background, but what else will she concentrating on?  I can only hope Govenor, soon to be Secretary, Napolitano continues in Mr. Chertoff’s footsteps and builds on the efforts to communicate with us.

I hope Mr. Chertoff takes a little time to kick of his shoes (get it, an airport pun), relax and let someone else take the heat for a while.

DHS Secretary Michal Chertoff Accomplishment Video

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  1. Ericon 19 Dec 2008 at 11:52 am

    So let me be the first to pull out the tin-foil and ask, do you think their recent meetings with DHS and various security bloggers/podcasters was a chance to network? :)

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