Jan 13 2009

RSA Conference 2009 Press (incl. bloggers) registration now open

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It’s still months away, but if you’re a security blogger, now is the time to sign up for a press pass for the 2009 RSA Conference.  If you’re a security blogger who’s having a hard time justifying training in the economic downturn, apply for the press pass and see what happens.  I’m pretty certain that the passes are going to be a little harder to get than they have been in previous years, but if you get one, it goes a long way towards convincing your bosses to let you attend.  Plus you get access to the press room, where they usually serve breakfast and lunch. 

This will be my fourth RSA conference with a press pass.  I’m assuming I’m getting one at least, especially since I’m on helping organize the Security Bloggers Meetup at RSA this year.  If you’re applying for an RSA press pass, make sure you’ve put your name in to attend the Meetup as well.  And while you’re at it, nominate your favorite security blogs for a Social Security Award too. 

As my friend Michael Farnum points out, the price for getting a press pass is a deluge of press releases.  You’ll get tons of vendors who want you to come by their booths and talk to them, sometimes just to give you marketing material, sometimes to have one of their senior guys talk to you, and usually somewhere in between.  I tend to turn down most of these offers unless they’re concerning something that I’m genuinely intersted in.  Which still usually leaves me with more people to talk to than I have time for.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of bloggers at the event this year.  The ‘real’ press is still a little unsure of how to treat bloggers at events like this, but in general they’ve been open and friendly.  And there’s a lot to be learned from the guys who actually write for a living rather than because its fun. 

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