Jan 22 2009

Firewall discussion with Stiennon

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The second in a series of discussions I participated in with Richard “IDS is Dead!” Stiennon, Mike Murray and Amrit Williams is now available for your viewing pleasure.  Richard has been following the firewall and IDS market for a long time now and has a much deeper understanding of it than I ever will.  However his experience is from the market perspective, not the real world where the firewalls and IDSs are actually being installed and used.  Not that I’m configuring and monitoring either technology on a regular basis myself, but I do deal with the people who are very often as a PCI assessor.  So you can imagine we have some differing opinions of where things are going and what’s really being used in the enterprise.  I really need to learn to look directly at the camera.

Demos on Demand Firewall and IDS/IPS Discussion
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4 Responses to “Firewall discussion with Stiennon”

  1. Mikeon 25 Jan 2009 at 11:13 pm

    Is there a way or a link to download these videos so I can watch/listen to them on my ipod?

  2. Martinon 26 Jan 2009 at 6:56 am

    Sorry, but not that I know of. I’ve tried to encourage to folks at Demos on Demand to make them more easily available, but they’re pretty set in their ways at the moment. We’ll see if this can’t change in the future.

  3. […] Zuk, founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks, responded via video to the conversation Richard Stiennon, Mike Murray, Amrit Williams and I had about firewalls for Demos on Demand.  He’s got a good point, that without added intellegence, once you […]

  4. linksyson 25 Apr 2010 at 6:34 pm

    I understand their discussion about firewall clearly.Some part of their talk is very useful

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