Jan 31 2009

Every site may harm your computer!

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If you were awake and online this morning, you may have seen a storm of tweets about Google marking every site on the Internet as potentially harmful to your computer!  Any searches returned the normal response, but also included the warning “This site may harm your computer.”  By the time I saw it the link to the explanation page had been flooded with requests and returned a 503 error, but it was basically a warning that the site might contain malware that could infect your computer.  Now Google has come out with an official story of what happened.  Apparently someone indicated that the ‘/’ directory for every domain might contain malware, effectively identifying every site on the Internet as a potentially dangerous site.  Just a little human error and 45 minutes later the whole thing was fixed.

I guess the official story is better than the truth:  every site on the Internet really may harm your computer!  Anyone could be compromised in this day and age and you never know for certain a site is safe.  That’s why we use little tools like NoScript, isn’t it?

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