Feb 10 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 137

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Oh no!  I left the inmates in charge of the asylum again! 

I’m in Chicago for the week and left Rich alone with a couple of mics, much to my own trepidation.  Only this time, he stuck much closer to home and recruited Adrian Lane to fill in for me this week. And even though I haven’t listened to the podcast myself yet, I’m sure Adrian did his best to keep Rich in line.

I will be back next Tuesday night, one way or the other and the podcast will return to something vaguely resembling normalcy.  Maybe.  Rich’s working on an interview that should be a good one, but he unluckily can’t wait for me to get back home to record.  Which means maybe next week might not be a return to normalcy after all.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 137, February 10, 2009
Time:  32:50

Show Notes

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