Feb 17 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 138

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After a three week break from each other, Rich and I are back on the mic together.  I’m at home again, Rich’s life hasn’t fundamentally shifted yet, and all is good.  Of course, considering how much work Rich and I both have in our ‘day jobs’, it’s amazing we ever find the time to podcast at all. 

My part in the podcast is a little light this week, since Rich managed to find an awesome guest to interview, Brian Krebs from the Washington Post.  I don’t know of any reporters out there who’ve done more to expose the bad guys to the light of day than Brian has, and he’s a pretty good writer too.  Rich was able to take a few minutes of Brian’s time to talk about spam, organized crime and and how we may need to change the Internet in the future to make the bad guys life harder.  I don’t think Brian is going to run out of things to write about any time soon.

We also talked for a few minutes about Valentine’s Day, the new Facebook Terms of Service and life in general.  Hopefully Rich will be back next week, but there’s a chance I may be looking for a guest co-host next week.  Or there may be more diaper talk as Rich finds out about all those things I’ve been warning him about for months.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 138, February 17, 2009

Time: 36:20

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