Feb 18 2009

BaySec tomorrow night

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The monthly social meeting of San Francisco Bay Area security professionals, BaySec, is tomorrow night, Thursday February 19th, at the Gordon Biersch brewery in downtown SF starting at 7 pm.  Barring natural disaster or total meltdown due to lack of sleep, I plan on being there a little early to help stake out some tables.  It’s a hit of miss thing, we usually clump together around a group of tables until we hit the critical mass where other bar goers start avoiding us just due to volume. 

BaySec is a great networking venue and there are all manner of security professionals there to meet, from the stereotypical ‘hacker’ types to the obnoxious PCI Assessor types.  The food and beer is pretty good as well, though I keep getting reminded that garlic fries are not on the list of approved dietary substances under P90X.  Not that I’ve let that stop me before.

Here’s to seeing you at Gordon Biersch tomorrow night. 

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  1. Doronon 12 Apr 2012 at 3:38 pm


    When and where is the next time you meet?


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