Feb 24 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 139

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Rich wasn’t able to make it to the podcast tonight due to last minute efforts to make his house ready for a new addition to his family.  The exact timing, as is generally the case in these matters, is almost entirely out of the hands of anyone but the baby, so Rich may bee taking another week or two off to deal with the changes to his life.  Then he’ll be back and you’ll get to listen to more discussions of dirty diapers.  Actually, I’ll try to keep that talk to a minimum, but you know it’ll happen occasionally.

So tonight I enlisted the help of friend and fellow security blogger, Andy Willingham, aka Andy IT Guy.  Andy recently went on a trip to Spain to appear with folks like Bruce Schneier and Byron Acohido on stage at an event put on by Panda Security.  Sounds like Andy had a good time and really makes me wish I’d been able to go.  I’ll take Spain over Chicago any day.  Plus talking to Andy gave me all the excuse I needed to make fun of Chris Hoff, not that I ever need much of an excuse.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 139, February 24, 2009
Time:  30:43

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