Mar 13 2009

Be careful what you tweet

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Imagine sending your cell phone number out to 21,000 Twitter followers.  That’s exactly what David Pogue did when he left off a the ‘d’ for direct message when he sent a friend a tweet.  He realized his mistake almost immediately, sent out a second tweet asking people not to inundate him with tweets and got lucky.  Out of his 21,000 followers, only a handful responded at all.  No one wants to hear ‘fail’ from that many followers.

We used to run into the same sort of ‘reply all’ fumbles concerning email when it first became widely used.  But we’ve had enough time to get used to email that unless someone sends something extremely sensitive, no one even notices a ‘reply all’ event any more.  The only reasons this is even a story is because Twitter is still a fairly new technology and Mr. Pogue is a well known tech writer.  Give Twitter a year or two to become more well known and it’ll take someone like Paris Hilton tweeting her phone number to become news.

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One Response to “Be careful what you tweet”

  1. venkaton 16 Mar 2009 at 9:40 pm

    I agree with you our personal information ,any one should not disclose his personal info as tweets, some should be kept private

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