Mar 27 2009

The Security Bloggers Meetup is coming!

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When we started planning the Security Bloggers Meetup last October, one of the comments I made was “We’re not starting too early, are we?”  If nothing else, I’ve learned since then that there’s no such thing as starting too early for an event like this.  In fact, for the 2010 meetup we may start even earlier, like some time in May of 2009.  I’m mostly kidding, but not entirely. 

The meetup is going to be huge this year, mostly thanks to the awesome sponsors who’ve stepped up to the plate and given us the money to put on an event of this magnitude.  F5, Fortinet, Microsoft and Websense are the main sponsors and they’ve been very generous, which is even more amazing when you think of the hard economic times we’re in.   Seagate has also contributed BlackArmor drives to be given out to the winners of the Social Security Awards as well as a BlackArmor NAS 420 for the door prize at the meetup (more information on how to enter the drawing).  I almost wish I was attending instead of being involved in the planning so I’d have a chance to get the NAS 420 myself.  Not that I need another drive on my home network that badly, but more geek toys are always lusted after.

The invites with the uber-secret location of the Meetup will be going out just a few days before RSA starts, but if you’re a security blogger who’s going to be at RSA please drop a line to Jennifer Leggio ( to get on the list.  The list will be closing a couple weeks before RSA starts, so even if you don’t have your travel schedule solidified yet, get on the list now.  It’s always better to not make an event you RSVP’d for than be turned away because you tried to sign up too late.

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