Mar 31 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 144

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We’ve got a long show to night, but well worth it.  Rich was able to talk Dino Dai Zovi into appearing on the show after his recent talks at both SOURCE Boston and CanSecWest, despite Dino’s feeling the effects of so much travel.  We talked about his new book, about his post “No More Free Bugs” and general dealings with vendors about vulnerabilities.  Rich also succumbs to the darkside and let’s his fanboi roots show more than a little.  We finish by talking about the impending doom that is (or isn’t) Conficker and the GhostNet.  We had a lot more to talk about, but in honor of your time and our energy, we ended it before we really got rolling.  Still not as long as a Pauldotcom show though.  Speaking of which, congratulations to Paul on his new role over at Tenable!

Network Security Podcast, Episode 144, March 31, 2009
Time:  53:31

Show Notes:

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