Apr 02 2009

The Conficker Eye Chart

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It’s a fairly simple idea I’m surprised no one’s done before: since Conficker blocks access to AV sites when you’re infected with it, your computer won’t open images from the AV sites.  Therefore it’s easy to create a page that uses images from a variety of AV vendor sites and if you can’t see the vendor images, there’s a good chance that you’re infected with Conficker.  It’s not an exhaustive test for sure, but it’s a good way to take two seconds and see if there’s a possibility that you’re infected.  Then you’ll know that you need to do more in-depth tests of your computer to verify infection or if there’s some other problem with your computer.  Thankfully April 1 is now behind us and the world didn’t end as Conficker took down the Internet.

Conficker Eye Chart

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