Apr 04 2009

Saturday morning reading 04/04/09

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Another week gone by in a flash.  It doesn’t help that I work from home and spent most of my days working in the same office I use for playing and podcasting as well.  The family was going to go camping tonight, until we remembered commitments like Cub Scouts and an Easter Egg hunt.  Maybe I’ll just grab the small telescope and binoculars and head out of town for an hour or two once the sun goes down tonight.  Not that any of this directly relates to security, but it’s my blog and I can ramble if I want to.  :-)

Planning for RSA has gone into full swing.  I’m speaking on a panel, Avoiding Security Groundhog Day, for the second year in a row with Rich and a few of my other friends, which will be a lot of fun.  I’ll also be helping out at the Trustwave booth from time to time, so if you’re at RSA watch my Twitter stream (@mckeay) to see when I’ll be around.  Stop by and say hello if you get a chance.  Then there’s going to be the Security Bloggers Meetup and the Social Security Awards Wednesday night which is going to be an adventure all on its own.  And finally there’s all the face to face meetings, interviews and parties to schedule.  My calendar is already filling up, despite all my efforts to keep it to a minimum.  The positive part is that I’ll hopefully run off every bit of alcohol and appitizer calories I take in each night I’m there. 

Saturday morning reading:

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