Apr 06 2009

And the award goes to …

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That’s it, the votes have been cast and the finalists in the Social Security Awards have been chosen.  In each of the five categories, Best Podcast, Best Corporate Blog, Best Technical Security Blog, Best Non-Technical Blog and Most Entertaining Security Blog, the top five vote getters have been selected as finalists and are being passed to a distinguished panel of judges from within both the security and the social media industries.  Our judges will be reviewing each of the sites and podcasts and picking the winner in each category.  The awards will be given out at the Security Bloggers Meetup on April 22nd and the winners will receive Maxtor BlackArmor Portable Hard drives compliments of Seagate. 

I’ve never helped organize an awards ceremony before, and to be honest I wasn’t all that involved in the process this year (I am the one you can blame for the name however).  Rich and Jennifer did most of the work and Alan will be running the actual ceremony itself.  But I did learn a lot even considering how little I did.  There were a number of surprising entries as well as the ones we expected.  We had some issues with the technology invovled and didn’t do as good a job promoting the awards as I wish we could have, but it was still a project that was well worth it.  We’ll take the lessons learned this year and apply them to making next years Social Security Awards even better. 

We really have to thank our sponsors, the RSA Conference,F5, Fortinet, Microsoft and Websense for making the Security Bloggers Meetup possible in the first place and to Seagate for providing the BlackArmor drives that the winners will be getting.  I think everyone in security knows how hard the economic crisis has hit our industry and it’s remarkable that these companies have been able to help us put on the party despite it all.  We also have to thank Brian Krebs, Bill Brenner, Kelly Jackson-Higgins, Michael Mimoso and Jeremiah Owyang for taking the time to review 25 different blogs and podcasts.  If you don’t think this is a huge time commitment on their part, go review the entire list yourself and see how long it takes.

Only time will tell who the judges pick as the winners.  I suspect that I’ll be learning who they are at exactly the same time as everyone else in the room.  It’s annoying how tight-lipped some people can be.

Social Security Awards – The Finalists

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