Apr 12 2009

FIRST podcast interview – Mick Creane

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Several months ago I was approached by the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) to act as their official ‘podcast sponsor’ for the 2009 FIRST Conference in Kyoto, Japan, June 28 through July 3.  I’d heard of FIRST before and even done a little blogging to support them in 2008, but I really hadn’t had the need or the motivation to involved with them.  I wish I’d followed up last year and learned more about them, because it’s not too often that I really get the chance to work with a multi-national organization that has members from some of the largest incident response teams in the world, including BT, IBM, SANS, GIAC and just about every CERT/CIRT group around the globe you’d care to mention.  This is where some of the people who’re at the top of the incident response game come to meet and discuss what’s really going on behind the scenes.  The conference in Kyoto will be the 21st annual FIRST conference, which by itself gives you a clue about how important a group FIRST is.

So, of course, I leaped at the chance to go to Kyoto this summer and cover the conference.  It didn’t hurt that I’d already been talking to my wife about going to Japan this summer and that I’ll be spending my birthday somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I was about 10 years old.  I will be supporting FIRST by recording a series of podcasts leading up to the event to share some of the history behind the event, give listeners an idea of the topics that will be covered at the conference and even a little bit of flavor about what Kyoto will look and sound like in June.  I’ve already recorded several interviews with the people who will be speaking at the event, such as Jeff Carpenter from CERT-CC and Slawek Ligier from Verisign and have even more that I’m lining up for the future.  We’ll be releasing these podcasts on a weekly basis and I’ll be on-site to interview the speakers live from the event.  I’ll even be speaking at the event myself.

The first FIRST podcast is an interview with Mick Creane who is the 2009 FIRST Conference Program Chair.  Mick’s job has been to organize the conference overall and find interesting people to come speak at the event.  He gives us a litttle background into why this year’s topic is “Aftermath: crafts and lessons of incident recovery”.  Many of us think of ‘incident response’ as a computer security issue, but as Mick points out in the podcast, it’s at least as much about the physical recovery after an incident as it is the virtual recovery.  He also talks about some of the folks who’ll be speaking and why it’s so important that an event like this continues to be international, not just US or north american.

FIRST Podcast, Episode 1:  Mick Creane, 2009 Program Chair for the 21st Annual FIRST Conference

Next week I’ll be returning with Jeff Carpenter from CERT-CC, one of the organizer of the 2009 Best Practices Contest:  Detect.  It’s not too late to get your own submission in for the chance to win $5000!  And keep your ears open for interviews live from the event this summer.

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