Apr 22 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 147

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Rich and I tried our best to get a podcast recorded and posted last night, and we were partially successful; at least we got the podcast recorded.  But the editing and posting part was well beyond my capabilities once I got back to the hotel room last night.  But it’s here, bright, shiny and new first thing in the morning.

RSA has been a hectic and exhilarating event so far, and the best part is yet to come!  Rich and I had just finished our panel discussion, Avoiding Security Groundhog Day, and were joined by Rich’s partner at Securosis, Adriane Lane.  We found the quietest spot possible at RSA, which happened to be the near the top of the escalators.  Yes, quiet space really is that rare at RSA. 

Network Security Podcast, Episide 147, April 21, 2009

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