Apr 23 2009

RSAC Microcast: Gary Palgon from nuBridges

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I caught up with Gary Palgon, VP of Product Management at  from nuBridges.  nuBridges is a tokenization vendor, meaning that they provide a way for a business to use a value that is hashed from the original data but can’t be reversed to discover what the original value is.  In the case of many of the people I deal with regularly, this would mean credit card numbers.  The merchant supplies the card number to the tokenization server, the server stores the card number in a safe, encrypted fashion and a token is used in place of the original card number anywhere it’s needed in the enterprise.  Because only the token is stored in most places throughout the enterprise, the scope of a PCI assessment is greatly reduced and cardholder data is much more secure than if it was in each of the datababases.

nuBridges has announced Format Preserving Tokenization, which allows the user to create a token that meets a wide variety of needs, such as keeping the string length or preserving the last four digits of a card number as part of the token.  This allows for uses such as allowing a customer’s ID to be verified by asking the last four digits of a social security number without revealing the whole number. 

NSP Microcast RSAC 2009 – Gary Palgon from nuBridges

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