Apr 23 2009

Security Bloggers Meetup 2009

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This is me letting go a huge sigh of relief.  The Security Bloggers Meetup is the one event I look forward to more than any other at RSA and at least as much as any event at the security conferences I attend.  But it’s a huge amount of work, a lot of stress and when it’s all done, there’s a huge burden lifted from my shoulders.  Which is why one of my first thoughts after the party was over is to begin the planning for the RSAC 2010 Security Bloggers Meetup.

The Meetup went almost flawlessly, with the exception of the streaming video of the Social Security Awards; for various reasons I was unable to log into uStream or reset my password, therefore the video had to be scrapped at the last minute.  However, we were able to catch all of the event on high quality video and will be putting the Social Security Awards and over a dozen other video interviews up on YouTube over the next few weeks. 

I don’t know what the official count on attendees was, but we had nearly four times the space this year that we had last year and we were still fairly crowded together.  There was enough room for people to separate a little for private conversations, but not much more. Most importantly though was the fact that everyone I’ve talked to so far who went had a great time at the event.

A huge congratulations to the winners of the Social Security Awards last night!  PaulDotCom won the Best Podcast Award, the crew at the SANS Internet Storm Center won the best Technical Blog award, the best Non-Technical Blog went to Richard Bejtlich of the TaoSecurity Blog, Sunbelt Security won the Best Corporate Blog and Mike Rothman from Security Incite won the Most Entertaining blog.  Now we just need to get Mr. Rothman to start posting again.

A big thanks to my fellow committee members who made last night possible.  Rich Mogul, Sonya Caprio, Alan Shimel and Jeanne Friedman all put in a lot of hours making this happen.  But the woman who deserves the lion’s share of the credit is  Jennifer Leggio.  Without Jennifer, the Security Bloggers Meetup wouldn’t have happened!  So if you see Jen somewhere at RSA or encounter her elsewhere, give her a big thank you for putting on the Security Bloggers Meetup. 

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