Apr 28 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 148

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Rich and I are back from RSA, rested and ready to go!  Baah, who am I kidding; here it is four days later and we’re both still so tired we’re barely able to talk coherently.  Not that we’d let that stop us from recording a podcast.  Never has and probably never will.  In any case, we start tonight with a recap of some of our observations of the 2009 RSA Conference and move on to the current media hype over the swine flu.  Use the swine flu as a learning exercise in how to cope with media hype, a good excuse for reviewing your own disaster preparedness plans and a way to get some of the same issues dealt with by your management.  The hours you spend looking at your options today may save you hours or days down the line.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 148, April 28, 2009
Time:  40:06

Show Notes:

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