May 20 2009

Thinking about a career in security?

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If you’ve been in the security business for an extended length of time, you’ve probably heard the name Lee Kushner at some time or another.  You know someone who’s worked with Lee to find the right person for a job, you know someone who’s gotten a job because of Lee or you know someone who’s gotten career advice from Lee.  There are only a few recruiters in the business who not only have the contacts and understanding of recruiting that Lee does, but also understand the specific challenges of finding the right people and the right positions that the security industry does.  And if you don’t think the security industry has some unique challenges, you’ve never worked with some of the personalities and egos that this career path seems to attract.  Smart, talented people of course, but there seems to be an interesting set of personality traits that go along with everything else.

If you haven’t dealt with Lee directly, here’s your chance to read some of his advice, along with that of my friend, Mike Murray at their new site, Information Security Leaders.  Mike and Lee have been collaborating for some time and have finally decided that they’d start a blog to share their viewpoints with the world at large.  If you’re starting a career, you’ll be able to find hints and tricks about finding the job you want in security.  If you’re already in the field, you’ll find the nuggets of information that may be the key to getting that next position.  And at the very least you’ll find examples of career moves that will either leave you shaking your head or asking “Why didn’t I think of that before?

Lee’s helped me find a job in the past and I keep in touch with him because he’s a great resource even when you’re not looking for a position.  And if you see him at RSA or one of the other big events, you’ll realize how many other people he’s helped because you can’t have a five minute conversation with him without at least two or three other people he’s helped coming up to say hello.  Mike and Lee give several talks a year about having a security career and the steps you need to take, but if you can’t make one of the events, take the time to read their writing instead.  Better yet, read their thoughts in addition to attending their talks, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Khürton 20 May 2009 at 2:48 pm

    I met Lee today at an OWASP event in Princeton where he shared some of his insights on finding work in these times. He was direct but affable in what most people do wrong in their job search. I look forward to reading his blog.

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