May 21 2009

PDC 150: PCI Roundtable

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Rich and I may not have done much for our 150th episode, but Paul and Larry at PaulDotCom hosted a 12-hour podcast and invited both of us to participate in an hour long conversation about PCI.  We were joined by Ron Gula from Tenable Network Security and Mandeep Khera from Cenzic.  If Rich and I had thought about it long enough ahead of time we probably would have done something similar to this ourselves.  Who am I kidding?  I’m sure this was a ton of work for Paul and Larry, something I just don’t have the time for right now.

Rich and I have widely differing points of view on PCI and it shows up in this conversation, as it does in almost every conversation we have on the topic.  But this time there were other voices to hopefully temper both of our opinion.  This was a fun conversation to have and I’m always willing to have a conversation like this and not only turn Rich around to the correct view of PCI but also learn something from others myself.  Hopefully you’ll learn a little something yourself. 

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