Jun 02 2009

SilliSec tomorrow night

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Oops, misspelled the title, should really be SiliSec, as in the Silicon Valley Security Meetup.  Of course, after a few beers it might end up being Silly Sec after all.  In either case, there’s a meeting of the security professionals in the Silicon Valley and southern Bay Area tomorrow night at St. John’s Bar and Grill. I can’t make it myself because a two hour drive each way just isn’t in my time budget right now, but there’s certain to be some interesting characters in attendance.  If you’re in the area, stop by St. John’s and look around; if the SiliSec group is anything at all like the BaySec group, you’ll know within a few minutes exactly which group is the one you’re looking for. 

Maybe I’ll see you later this month at BaySec instead.  Once this months date has been set, that is.

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