Jun 09 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 153

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Rich was somewhere in the air over the Midwest today, which would have made recording a podcast questionable at best.  So rather than take any chances with technology, we got a stand in for him in the form of our very own Security Curmudgeon, Jack Daniel.  I met Jack face to face for the first time at one of the first big ‘security’ conferences I’d ever been to on the East Coast, Shmoocon 2007.  I haven’t made it back for another conference recently, but when I do, I’m sure that there will be people like Jack who will give me a warm welcome.

Jack and I spend a little time bashing the CISSP yet again, we talk about some very interesting news stories and wrap up discussing getting involved in the security community.  All in all, another good show.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 153
Time:  41:41

Show Notes:

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