Jun 29 2009

FIRST 2009: Dr. Suguru Yamaguchi

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I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Suguru Yamaguchi, Professor of the Graduate School of Information at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, member of the JPCERT and advisor on Information Security for the National Information Security Center, Cabinet Office Japan.  Dr. Yamaguchi presented the opening keynote for the FIRST 2009 Conference here in Kyoto, Japan and talked about Information Security Management  and Economic Crisis.  And at least as interesting for me was having my questions translated into Japanese and asked to Dr. Yamaguchi again to answer in his native language. 

Two of the points I found intensely interesting about Dr. Yamaguchi’s talk were his assertion that businesses should be investing in technology during the down turn rather than cutting back, because the investment now may be what enables there survival and his observation that compromises have an affect on company sales in the Asia Pacific region.  I don’t believe we’re seeing the same sort of downturn in sales when a compromise happens to an American company and would like to know why there is such a difference.

FIRST 2009 Episode 7:  Interview with Dr. Suguru Yamaguchi – Japanese

FIRST 2009 Episode 7:  Interview with Dr. Suguru Yamaguchi – English

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