Jul 23 2009

Have you signed up for Security BSides?

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It’s coming up all to quickly!  Black Hat, Defcon and Security BSides!  Okay, if you’ve been in security for any lenght of time, you know what BH & DC are, but you may not have heard of Security BSides before.  Basically it’s an ‘unconference’, a user organized conference that will be providing an alternative for some of the talks that either weren’t accepted by Black Hat or were never submitted in the first place.  It’ll be a small conference running side by side with Black Hat, but it’s not meant to compete, it’s meant to supplement BH.  The crowd will be relatively small and you have to sign up on the wiki before hand if you’re going to show up, but it’s going to be a heck of a fun event. 

If you’ve never been to an unconference before, they’re a little different from your usual conference going experience.  The biggest thing is that audience participation in the talks is not only encouraged, it’s necessary to make the conference successful.  The people speaking will all be experts in our field, but they have as much to learn from the experience of presenting here as the audience does.  One person’s experience is great, but the ideas that are pulled from the crowd are often just as valuable as the ideas the presenters are offering. 

Last, but certianly not least, think about attending the Feathers Will Fly Panel and the Secxy Pillow Fight to benefit the EFF if you can’t make it to any other part of BSides.  Erin Jacobs, Stacy Thayer, Jennifer Jabbusch and a number of other female security professionals are going to talk about the image of female security professionals and probably embarrass themselves along the way.  This will be a fun panel and a fun event, aimed at lampooning some of the images we have of female security professionals.

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