Jul 26 2009

Cornerstone of my Black Hat and Defcon trip

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Both Black Hat and Defcon are incredibly hectic and for the most part unplanned.  I have a few interviews that I’ve arranged and a lot of parties, but most of my time is unstructured specifically so I can catch whichever talk is sounding hot this year or catch an interview with someone I happen to catch in the press room or hallways.  There’s also Security Bsides, which I have to attend (because I want to, not because someone’s forcing me).  There’s only one event I’m attending that I know I’ll be there from beginning to end: The Second Annual Podcasters Meetup @Defcon.   I’ll be showing up there for the entire show.  I’m sort of essential, or at least some of my technology is; We’ll be using my camera again for the streaming video.

If you listen to security podcasts, or even if you don’t, you’re invited to come to the event.  I have it on good authority that there are some cool prizes that are being given out at the event, though I’ve unluckily been told I’m not eligible to win anything.  Which is especially annoying, since they’re giving away a USB Monitor among other things, something I really need in order to meet with my goal of becoming a digital nomad. 

I’ll be roaming around Black Hat starting Wednesday around 11am, Rich will be working and our special guest host, Zach Lanier will be working with us to get even more interviews than ever before.  We’ll be doing our best to record and post our interviews as close to real time as we can, so if you can’t be there, at least listen to the podcast.  If there’s someone you really want Rich, Zach or I, leave a comment, drop me an email or give me a call.  If you can’t find my cell phone number, it’s probably better you didn’t go to Black Hat and Defcon anyway.

PS.  Don’t forget to use the #BlackHat and #Defcon hash tags in Twitter!

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