Jul 28 2009

Network Security Podcast, Episode 160

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I’m jealous.  Rich is already in Vegas, our guest host Zach Lanier should be there soon, while I’m still in California and have to get up at 4am tomorrow morning to catch my flight.  On the other hand, nothing’s really happening until I get there in any case, but I’d rather be there sooner than later.  There’s already been a little drama with the Matasano site being hacked over the weekend and Dan Kaminsky’s site getting hacked today.  Rich says Dan got his site back pretty fast, but it’s still annoying.  And then there’s the out of cycle Microsoft patch that was released today, which is bound to get a little attention.  Oh yeah, Rich also released a little paper on patching that was sponsored by Microsoft. 

No real show notes tonight, I have to go pack.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be coming at you fast and furious with a series of near live ‘microcasts’, the 5-20 minute interviews we do as often as we can corner people in the hallways.  Should be interesting.

Network Security podcast, Episode 160, July 28, 2009
Time:  23:27

Tonight’s Music:  Let’s go to Vegas by Fabulous Hats

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