Oct 22 2009

Windows 7 is out, but I just want my updated drivers

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Every geek in the world knows that Microsoft’s newest platform, Windows 7, is out today.  I have been playing with the Release to Manufacturer version for over a month now on my netbook and I’ve been very happy with it’s performance so far.  Microsoft seems to have gone out of their way to make Win 7 snappy and responsive even even on the minimal hardware that popular netbooks have.  Watching movies is sometimes a little choppy on my system, but surfing the ‘Net and reading email is just as easy as if I had a full sized computer.

Where I’ve had a problem is with the drivers for my Asus 1005HA.  Asus had refused to make drivers for Win 7 available prior to the release and given the history of last minute changes to new OS’s, I can’t say that I blame them.  But that’s left me without a number of the drivers and utilities I would have had available if I’d left the system running with the Windows XP it came with.  This has been a small but annoying issue, since the majority of the Win 7 drivers work just fine out of the box. 

Asus is doing there best, but I’m obviously not the only netbook owner who’s trying to get the latest and greatest updates for Win 7, since the site has been unavailable almost as often as it’s been up this morning.  I keep having to refresh the screen every so often to get back to the driver page and downloads are slow as molasses, but I’m gradually getting everything I need to get every patch and utility I want.  There’s nothing worse than a security guy who doesn’t have his system patched and up to date.

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