Nov 05 2009

Good luck, Alan

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Nine years at one company is almost longer than my entire career in information security.  But that’s how long Alan Shimel was at StillSecure.  Was being the operative word, since Alan has announced that he’s left the company and will be moving on to something new.  He’s not exactly sure what that is yet, but I’m sure Alan will be a valuable resource where ever he ends up.  He’s taking some time off to collect his thoughts and spend time with family, both of which are things I definitely consider time well spent.

Thanks the Alan and Mitchell Ashley I spent some time at StillSecure a few years ago as the Cobia Product Evangelist, which I’m sure some of you will remember.  Unluckily it turned out to be too big of a change and I just wasn’t ready for the position.  Alan, Mitchell and the rest of the folks at StillSecure did their best to help me, but I left when it became clear that it just wasn’t the right place or the right time for me.  The good thing though has been the friends I made and retained at StillSecure, a lot of good people who I make a point of saying hello to every chance I get.

Alan’s making a gutsy move.  It takes a lot to say to yourself “I need to change, even if that means stepping off into the unknown.”  I know he’ll land somewhere interesting if nothing else. 

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2 Responses to “Good luck, Alan”

  1. JimMon 05 Nov 2009 at 2:48 pm

    StillSecure has had the absolute best booth at every RSA I’ve attended. One of my favorites was the bin of haphazardly stacked old Cisco routers as part of a competitive upgrade push. Apparently, someone from Cisco’s legal department said a few things to them vaguely threatening – which had them a bit worried until someone from Cisco marketing came by later the same day and complemented them on their booth.

    This past year at Moscone, their booth was definitely smaller – but still staffed by the same fun folks, with the same attitude that makes me wish they were closer than CO…

  2. alan shimelon 09 Nov 2009 at 11:10 am

    Martin thanks for the well wishes and kind words. Promise to keep you posted about what I decide to do next!


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