Jan 12 2010

Network Security Podcast, Episode 181

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Did you ever do something that you knew wouldn’t end well, but you had to try it anyway?  That pretty well describes this week’s episode in a nutshell.  Martin’s at home, Zach’s at home, so of course Rich had to be gallivanting around the countryside playing with his Verizon Mifi, an iPhone and Skype.  Any one of those technologies by themselves have made grown podcasters cry, so we knew from the start this episode was doomed.  I’m glad to say we got a show out of this afternoon’s comedy of errors, but it’d be a stretch to say this is in the top 5 shows so far this year.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 181
Time: 30:16

Show Notes:

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  1. Zachon 13 Jan 2010 at 2:25 am

    I also mentioned Thierry Zoller’s blog in the show, which can be found at http://blog.zoller.lu/. He’s written some informative material regarding the SSL/TLS renegotiation flaw, explaining it better than a buffoon like me ever could.

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