Feb 09 2010

Network Security Podcast, Episode 184

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Having escaped* the snowpocalypse/shmoopocalypse/shmowpocalypse that brought D.C. to a halt during ShmooCon 2010, Zach was able to join Rich and I for this week’s recording. Zach had another fantastic time at this year’s ShmooCon, and so wanted to share some of that with our listeners. Be on the lookout for the recording from the Podcaster’s Meetup, where I represented Network Security Podcast alongside a cast of zany characters from some of our fellow podcasts (and even a videocast).

* – huge sadface for some of our comrades that got stuck in D.C. for an extra day or two

Network Security Podcast, Episode 184
Time: 40:24

Show Notes:

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One Response to “Network Security Podcast, Episode 184”

  1. Mikeon 11 Feb 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Man, I was so hoping to go to this convention!!! I didn’t go because I was a baby and was worried I would be trapped in D.C. during the blizzard. So guys…. whats the story. How did it go?

    Was this more crap about the typical hacking stuff or did they actually present something good?

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