Feb 22 2010

SecurosisTV: Three faces made for podcasting

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The horror! These guys should never be allowed to show their faces! Teasing aside, Rich, Adrian and Mike do a great job of laying out the three basic themes you should expect to see at RSA this year.  Cloud computing, Advanced Persistent Threat and Compliance are going to rule the floor at RSA.  Cloud computing and APT are this year’s big buzzwords that are poorly understood by the majority of the industry, therefore vendors and their marketing departments hop on the bandwagon in an attempt to define these new terms in their favor.  And compliance is going to be big because it’s what everyone has to do, whether they want to or not.

Given what I do by day, don’t be surprised that most of the podcasts coming out at RSA are going to be about compliance.  But I hope to step outside my little box at least a little and bring you some other interesting interviews.  I may even get a chance to catch up with Rich for a few moments or at least grab one of his Securosis cronies for next week’s podcast (I’ll probably hear it for calling them that).  Zach can’t make it, he muttered something about finances and his birthday. 

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