Mar 01 2010

RSAC: Monday, March 1st

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The good thing about living close to San Francisco is that I can work from home this morning and head in to the Moscone Center in the early afternoon.  The bad thing about living close to San Francisco is that I have to work from home this morning and can’t head in to the Moscone Center until early in the afternoon.  I was already hearing about all the informal gatherings taking place last night that I couldn’t participate in because I was still at home.  But I’ll get to join in just a few hours, after I finish taking care of the things that must be done to prepare for RSA.

Today’s interview schedule is actually relatively light.  I have a meeting with Voltage Security to hear about end to end encryption; one of the first questions for them will be defining E2EE, which I suspect we’ll disagree on slightly.  The next meeting is with the folks from ICSA Lab, to hear about the new threats that arose in late 2009/early 2010.  Then I’ll be meeting with Panda AV to hear about what’s changed since they introduced their Cloud AV product last year.  With just a little luck, I’ll be able to edit and post all three of these interviews up before it’s time to head out to the first of the RSA parties. 

If you’ve got questions for any of these folks or the other people I’ll be interviewing this week, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to ask your question.  As always, the point of the Network Security Microcasts is to give you an idea of what’s going on at the events in as near real time as I can. 

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