Mar 02 2010

RSAC: Tuesday, March 2nd

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The best laid plans of mice and all the that:  I planned too much for RSA this year and despite having several interviews already recorded and edited, finding the time to actually upload them has been nearly impossible so far.  It doesn’t help that AT&T’s 3G network in downtown San Francisco is severely impacted by 10,000 security professionals descending on the area for a week.  Hopefully I have a chance to get a little more time between meetings today. 

Today’s schedule is both heavier and lighter than yesterdays.  It’s heavier because I have meetings with F-Secure, Xceedium, Astaro, Agiliance, Kaspersky Labs and a metric ton of parties to go to tonight.  It’s lighter because I actually scheduled a little time between meetings and some time to wander the show room floor for a couple of hours.  I still may not have the time to upload or edit many of the interviews I’m collecting.  I vow my schedule next year will have to be a lot lighter.  I think I’ve made that vow before though.

Time to go find coffee and get ready to assault the day.  Because I know if I don’t take a running charge at my schedule, it’s going to run me over.

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