Mar 06 2010

RSAC2010: F-Secure

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While I’m sure Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, is getting as tired as hearing the term APT* as the rest of us are, he had some insight into what’s really happening with this threat and the fact that it’s not something new, it’s just the acknowledgment that it’s happening that’s new.  He’s been seeing similar attacks going on for nearly six years, what’s changed is the recognition and public attention to the threat that’s something new.  He believes that the organized crime component of malware will be moving to smart phones as the criminals realize that it’s easier to make money quickly and easily from phones than the complicated hoops they have to jump through to make money from computers.


* I’m with @CSOAndy who believe the A in APT should stand for Adaptive, not Advance.  It’s much more descriptive of what’s really happening.

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