Mar 06 2010

RSAC2010: Panda Security

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I caught up with Pedro Bustamante, Senior Research Analyst from Panda Security, for a brief interview about what his company is doing in 2010.  Panda recently received ICSA Lab certification of their cloud AV product, which required some retooling of the ICSA processes.  Panda is releasing a new, free, no-registration version of their product as well as an upgraded version of their existing anti-virus that includes many of the features that Panda customers have been asking for.  We talked about a new USB vaccine Panda is releasing which ‘inoculates’ a USB drive by writing an unalterable file to the drive before a virus can.  Finally we discussed the sheer amount of data Panda is collecting and how much of it they’re able to process automatically.  But there does, and always will, remain a small fraction of a percent of the data that has to be inspected by human beings to catch the new and the interesting that malware writers are creating.


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One Response to “RSAC2010: Panda Security”

  1. Rickyon 19 Jul 2011 at 9:01 am

    I heard that Panda just shut down it’s promising Cloud Business Unit and it is layoff a ton of employees. Company may be going down.

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