Mar 08 2010

RSAC2010: ISC2

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I’ve been a member of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium [(ISC)2] for nearly a decade; I passed my CISSP test in November of 2002 and don’t have to worry much about CPE’s until at least 2011.  So when I was offered an opportunity to talk to Hord Tipton, Executive Director of the (ISC)2, I didn’t hesitate to take them up on the offer.  We started off easy, talking about what’s new at the (ISC)2, and the Safe & Secure Online Program.  Then we moved on to the harder questions, like “What have you done for me lately?” and “What are you doing about people who shouldn’t be CISSP’s in the first place?”  The (ISC)2 is never going to make all of us who are certified happy, and that they are taking some steps to address concerns about unqualified practitioners, but it’d be nice if they were a little more public about it.  Oh, and you’ll hear at the end that the (ISC)2 definitely accepts listening to podcasts for CPE’s.  I forgot to ask about producing them.


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