May 19 2010

Symantec bought much of Verisign today

Published by at 7:34 pm under Encryption

So Symantec bought VeriSign’s Identity and Authentication Business today for $1.28B in cash.  A large part of this is the SSL Certificate service and their Public Key Infrastructure.  So what?  Both SSL certs and PKI are mature, stable technologies without much room for growth at the moment.  I’m not sure how this strategy is going to play out, I don’t see that this something dynamic enough to engender excitement in anyone in the security community.  I’m also not the type of blogger who can look at this purchase and find deeper meaning in it; which is why it’s lucky that I have friends like Mike Rothman to take a longer look at Symantec’s purchase.

PS. Symantec had a webcast earlier today that might have made this clearer to me, but I was unluckily on the road at the time and couldn’t listen in.

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