May 26 2010

Press Release: Astaro RED

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It may not quite be VPN for Dummies, but Astaro RED sounds pretty close if you ask me.  I talked to Jan Hichert at Astaro about RED (Remote Ethernet Device) at RSA earlier this year and the way he talked about this new product, it seems like it’s an easy way for companies to add a remote office without many of the headaches this often entails.  I haven’t played with it myself and haven’t talked to anyone who has yet, but at least in theory it sounds like a good product.  Basically, you run Astaro Security Gateway at your central office, when you bring the remote RED box online, it phones home to Astaro, where it receives instructions on how to connect to your central office server.  There is configuration, but it’s mostly handled by Astaro before it ever gets to your office.  I’m sure Jack Daniel can tell you more if you’re interested, but in the mean time, the press release follows after the break.

Astaro RED Simplifies Branch Office

Remote Ethernet Device offers comprehensive
security for branch offices while cutting the total cost of ownership by
than 80%

26 2010
Astaro Corporation (, a leading Unified
Threat Management

, today announced that Astaro RED, (Remote Ethernet
Device) is now available. Astaro RED
combines VPN functionality and
complete IT security for branch offices by automatically connecting with
central Astaro Security Gateway. The devices can cut the cost of
securing and
administering a branch office’s security by up to 80% by eliminating the
need for IT staff and additional security products at the remote office.


Astaro RED is designed to
secure remote offices of all sizes. Because the devices are managed
through the
central office using an Astaro Security Gateway, no training, licensing
technical expertise is required at the remote location in order to
secure the
branch office. Additionally, security policy and configuration changes
made at
the central office can be pushed to the remote sites without any
involvement at the branch office. This means organizations can
secure and manage the security for even the smallest branch office.


“Astaro RED eliminates
the need for having a technical person in all offices. You just ship a
to the site, and it works”, said Paul Smith, Senior Network Engineer at
Metafore Technologies Inc., who participated in the BETA testing of
Astaro RED.
“It saved me at least two hours per branch office, where I would
have to pre-configure a device and ship it, and then work with someone
to get it online. This is a totally unique approach to branch office


Upon viewing Astaro RED during
a security conference, security industry expert Richard Stiennon stated:
“Astaro’s RED box is the single most innovative product I saw [At
RSA 2010]. It leverages the investment in security at one location by
it to many. It is simple and inexpensive.”


Setting up the Astaro RED is
completed within minutes. Once the device is connected to the Internet
automatically registers with the central Astaro Security Gateway and
its IP address via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The remote
office is
then connected with the headquarters via an Astaro VPN tunnel and is
immediately protected as the web traffic is filtered through the central
gateway. Additional configurations and policy changes are also done
therefore Astaro RED requires no GUI. With Astaro RED, it is possible to
connect approximately 100 branch offices in one day.


“We developed Astaro RED
as we saw an urgent demand on the market for a solution to secure branch
offices that is really easy and reasonably priced”, said Gert Hansen, VP
Product Management at Astaro. “So far, organizations could use low-cost
Firewalls or VPN Gateways or even small UTM appliances, but then had to
with high acquisition costs, high installation and maintenance effort or
lacking security features. Astaro RED ends these dangerous and resource
devouring compromises.”


More information about Astaro
RED can be found here:

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