Jun 28 2010

Interview with Steve Adair, Shadowserver

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I got to talk to a number of very interesting people while work with the FIRST conference.  Steve Adair was one of the people I found very interesting because every time I did research on him, I found something new I’d missed before.  Steve’s talk was about the large number of compromises he’s seen working as part of the Shadowserver Foundation, with an emphasis on how we need to realize that attacks like the one on Google aren’t commonplace, but they aren’t rare either.  The chances are, you’re doing business with someone who’s targeted right now. 

I interviewed Steve shortly after his talk.  You can find this talk and the series of interviews I did for FIRST on their podcast page.  I’ve been told there’s a redesign of the FIRST site coming, I’ll fix the links afterward if there are any problems.

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