Aug 08 2010

Black Hat 2010: Dimitri McKay, LogLogic

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This year at Black Hat we never got into our normal swing with microcasts of releasing them the same day they were recorded.  On top of that, I didn’t go home after the convention, I went off for another week on the road for work.  Which means I’m only now getting to a point of having the energy and time to edit and post.  Which is a long winded way of saying “Better late than never”.

Dimitri McKay, the Security Architect for LogLogic.  Dimitri and I talk about the Cloud Security Alliance and what it means as well as touching briefly on the new virtual appliance LogLogic has recently release.  We talk about why we need an organization like the CSA and even dig briefly into what the ‘Cloud’ is.  Not that we can actually define the cloud in less than 10 minutes.

Black Hat 2010:  Dimitri McKay, LogLogic.

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