Dec 01 2010

How to get a SBM invite

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The RSA conference is fast approaching, and with it one of the biggest events on my personal calendar, the Security Bloggers Meetup.  We start meeting months ahead of time to plan for this event every year, and every year the people who do the work manage to come up with something just a little bit better.  Which doesn’t mean me, since my most important contribution is usually moral support and providing a strong back where it’s needed.

If you have never heard of the Security Bloggers Meetup, it started as an idea for some of the more notorious (or just loud) bloggers who were coming to RSAC to get together and share some food and drinks.  Five years later, it’s still basically the same thing, but we have more people, a nicer place to meet and lot more people.  The Meetup has become one of the smaller, more exclusive parties that people look forward to after the hectic day of the conference. 

And we do keep it exclusive; the event is invite only, no ‘+1’, no PR or marketing professionals.  Everyone who attends is an active part of the security blogging community and someone who’s willing to put a little bit of themselves out for everyone to see.  This is a chance for the people who write and think about security around the clock can get together, share a few drinks and talk about the online blowout they had the week before.  Then everyone wanders off to find the other great parties of the night.

Jen Leggio has some hints about how to get an invite to the party over on the RSAC blog.  If you’re a blogger, let us know, we’ll do what we can to get you on the list.  If you don’t make it for some reason, look for your favorite bloggers afterward at all the other parties going on the same nights.  But for a couple of hours, bloggers have a chance to talk to other bloggers and see what it is that makes the other tick. 

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