Dec 20 2010

There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures

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I travel around the country a lot in my role as an assessor and being in security, I have a off again on again interest in taking pictures, specifically pictures of some of the odd places I find security cameras and the places they cover.  That and taking pictures of error messages that pop up on various screens and systems that are in public view.  I find it interesting to look at some of the odd places that companies have decided to put a camera and how much of the surrounding area surveillance catch that people probably don’t have any awareness of.  And in this day and age, I’m almost surprised that no one’s commented on my picture taking and called me a terrorist.  But guess what, people: Photographers are NOT terrorists.  Like most other photographers, I’m following a passion, however little someone else may understand it.  Get over your unfounded paranoia and get back to living your life.  And yes, 99.999% of your paranoia about terrorists plots is unfounded, no matter what the DHS and TSA might want you to think.  And most of the other .001% has some level of validity, but it’ll probably never affect you directly.

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