Dec 21 2010

Keep a copy of your TSA rights handy!

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If you fly with any regularity, you know exactly how bad things have gotten with the TSA invading your space and your privacy.  Naked x-ray machines, intrusive pat downs and TSO’s who think their position gives them the right and responsibility to embarrass people who are simply trying to get to a destination.  All in all, flying is now one of the most stressful activities the average American has to deal with.  Hopefully pressure from the public will turn the tide on the current efforts by the TSA to ‘protect’ us at the expense of our basic liberties, but I don’t see it happening overnight.  In the mean time, you need to know what your rights are when dealing with the TSA.   Thankfully Saizai has created a two page PDF that explains what your rights are when dealing with the TSA and who to call if you think you’re rights are being violated.  This PDF is something you should have a copy of on your phone, on your computer and printed out so you can carry with you when you fly.  Seriously, it’s that valuable.  Saizai says he updates the document fairly regularly, but just in case I’m also making a static copy of it available just in case.  By the way, it also includes information about the photography rules of various airports around the nation, another good piece of information you may need to protect you from overzealous TSO’s who want to believe it’s illegal to photograph them at work (it’s not, at most airports)

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