Feb 14 2011

NSP Microcast: Dr. Mike Lloyd at BSides SF

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Today’s interview turned out to be rather fortuitous; Dr. Mike Lloyd from RedSeal gave one of the opening talks at this year’s Security BSides San Francisco and through a series of unfortunate events there was no stream of his talk nor did it get recorded.  But since I was scheduled to talk to him today anyway, heres a small taste of what his talk was like.  There’s a chance his talk may get re-recorded, we’ll let you know.

We all know that firewalls are very complex beasts when you have to start figuring what the resultant rule set is from several layers of systems.  Even dealing with one firewall can be hard when you realize the difference a zero in the wrong part of the subnet can cause.  People aren’t good at dealing with this complex relationship between devices, while machines are.  Machines can’t make the strategic decision, they need the backing of a human intellegence to decide which dataflows are appropriate.  So why is these both so important?

Day one of RSA and BSides SF is over, more microcasts to come soon.

NSP Microcast – Dr. Mike Lloyd from RedSeal at BSides SF

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