Mar 22 2011

Network Security Podcast, Episode 234

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Martin, Rich and Zach are joined tonight by none other than Josh Corman from the 451 Group to talk about the recent RSA breach.  Actually, he was on more to talk about the industries reaction to the breach more than the breach itself.  The reality is that we still know almost nothing about what happened, though Rich has a little insight that goes beyond the press release, since he’s actually talked to folks at RSA.  Which means we know just a little more than nothing, which is not a significant improvement.

Another reason Josh wanted to join us was to talk about one of Rich’s recent articles, called Table Stakes.  We clarify what Rich meant in the original post as well as talking about some of the more touchy feely aspects of the industry.  Except Zach, who doesn’t do touchy feely so much.  And finally we end up with a little rant about those hacks over at the Southern Fried Security Podcast and how they’re always imitating us.  They even have they’re own Bizarro Zack, @jsokoly.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 234, March 22, 2011
Time:  42:06

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