Mar 23 2011

Discussing PCI at RSA

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I always enjoy getting a chance to talk with folks like Gene Kim, Josh Corman and Mike Dahn.  We’ve talked about the nature of compliance together many times and I like that all of us have evolving opinions of how compliance influences the world.  We got the gang back together in front of a video camera to talk again about PCI and some of the things that have changed in the last six months.  Gene and I tell the story of how Mike and Josh started arguing last year and what we did to make them realize they were both saying much the same thing in different ways.  Rob Westervelt from led Gene and I through the second part of the discussion, which was actually filmed before the first part of the discussion.  Don’t ask me how that works out, I think it’s one of those Hollywood effects things

RSA Conference 2011:  PCI Compliance:  Debating the benefits, unintended consequences Part 2, Gene Kim and Martin McKeay

RSA Conference 2011: PCI Compliance: Debating the benefits, unintended consequences Part 1 Mike Dahn and Josh Corman

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