May 18 2011

Network security Podcast, Episode 241

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While Martin and Rich are away, Zach will pla^Wrecord an interview. I managed to snag Aldo Cortesi for a bit to discuss his research into de-anonymizing Apple UDIDs, as well as his work on mitmproxy, a man-in-the-middle proxy tool.

Network Security Podcast, Episode 241
Time:  30:24

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One Response to “Network security Podcast, Episode 241”

  1. kevin@Technology-Flow.comon 18 May 2011 at 12:20 pm

    That was some really interesting stuff with the Apple UDIDs. With so many apps sending UDID information to servers, with this new development it seems a little scary to know that people can get personal information from the UDIDs. Kudos on linking the UDID with a Facebook ID.



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